Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Speed bump

Total words added to the book last week: 1,668.

Not a great number, as I'm looking at two thousand as the bare minimum every seven days. That said, I won't beat myself up about it. I drove seven hours with my wife and kids to visit my parents, and between playing Joking Hazard and Marvel Munchkin (both of which are top tier games to play with friends) until two in the morning on a Friday, and attending a birthday party in a reception hall on Saturday night, it just wasn't going to happen.

I'm continuing my efforts to streamline my style to just focus on telling the story instead of trying to focus on overdoing it with flowery prose and metaphors. In short, I'm just trying to write as quickly and clearly as possible. The flowery stuff can come in editing if needed.

Here's a short chunk of something I've written recently:

Morning came fast.

Taris and Meryl packed their bags and headed out early into the city. Taris suggested they walk to get a better sense of the place, and because horses were not the most efficient mode of transportation in densely populated areas. Plus, they still had a lot of time before noon and their meeting with Moth and Dinah. Unless Orlan was wrong, Taris thought, We don’t even know how long ago he was here.

He didn’t dare turn his thoughts into words in front of Meryl.

They got their weapons from the front and stepped out of the inn. The cobblestones were bathed in the gentle light of morning, and everywhere, people were beginning their daily rounds. Even though the amount of bodies was less than they’d seen the afternoon before, witnessing so much life so early in the morning made Taris cock his head left and right despite his best efforts to seem calm and collected in front of Meryl.

We’ll get used to it, he told himself. It’s just like Kingsroot but bigger and with more people. Framing it that way made it easier to deal with his new surroundings. At least in spurts.


So there you have it. Oddly enough, I feel a little stuck mentally at the moment, but I'll push on through and get to the next scene soon enough.

Oh, and I ended up fifth out of eight on the NeoGAF Writing Challenge I posted about a while ago. Probably deserved that spot based on the work I produced. I wasn't happy with it either, and I'm looking forward to making a better impression and improving my work for the next challenge.

That's all for now. I won't even mention how I'm still trudging through the final one hundred and some-odd pages of Warbreaker. Instead, I'll tease a post I intend to make about Disney's wonderful adventure film, Moana.

Stay tuned.

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