Monday, May 1, 2017

A burst of inspiration

Total words written over the past seven days: 5,500

This is great. After an extended period of creative barrenness, I feel like I'm back on track with the book. I'm doing my best to push through the crap as much as possible and to write the best scenes and dialogue that I can. Well, maybe not the best best, but still something that keeps in line with the story I want to tell. Luckily, that story is becoming clearer in mind the more I write. I'm not going to be surprised if I end up tearing my first draft to bits once it's all said and done. Right now, the key is to get all of my ideas down on paper, then rifle through them and see what sticks and what needs to be tossed in the trash.

When I haven't been writing, I've been reading about writing. The book I'm into right now is The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Volume 1: Alchemy with Words. Every chapter is written by a different author, so it's proven to be a mixed bag, but some of the chapters are filled with tons of useful resources, and fantasy story planning gold, such as information on how to design a magic system, how to make sure you get food, weapons, and clothing right - the nuts and bolts of fantasy writing, which I'm currently lacking and constantly working on. I hope I'll get there one day.

Well, that's all for now. To finish off, here's a very small chunk of those 5,500 words I mentioned at the top of this post. Any feedback is welcome.


He had never taught Lucia the Laws. Not word for word, and never attached to Valaron. He wasn’t sure why exactly, but he now reasoned that he probably hadn’t had the time. Between working for the king, caring for his home, and nurturing the relationships between himself, his wife, and his child, there were few minutes to spare for Valaron. Regardless, he felt he had done a respectable job of teaching his daughter the difference between right and wrong and the large space between the two.

Right and wrong. The words hung like two apples on a tree - one sweet, one sour.

He knew the time to pick one would come soon enough, and he hoped he would be able to tell the difference when the hour arrived. And it would arrive. He was sure of it, even though he didn’t know the name of the man he sought to confront.

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