Thursday, 1 June 2017

Housemage (draft 1)

Want to read a raw first draft of a 2,189-word short story that took about two days to write? Wish granted, dear reader! Check out the first draft of Housemage (working title) right here.

I like many of the ideas I came up with for the basic premise of the story, but various parts feel clunky. I'm hoping to give it a full service wash before submitting it to the latest NeoGAF Creative Writing Challenge.

Speaking of NeoGAF, I recently collaborated on a longer short story for the previous challenge. We had a team of three people and were dubbed Master Alutan. Our group came in third place out of five. Woohoo. I actually quite enjoyed the vast majority of the story we were able to come up with. The first third of this one was written by me, and underwent a decent amount of editing before it hit this final form.

Still keeping on keeping on. These detours are pretty pleasant. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Or maybe just cringe. Either way, let me know.

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